Dutch man released in cattle prod assault of Cambodian boy

Stefan S. and Nguyen Thanh Dung
Stefan S., 53, and Nguyen Thanh Dung, 25, alleged of involvement in the torture of a Cambodian boyphoto: Facebook

Authorities in Cambodia released 53-year-old Dutch man Stefan S., held in connection with the assault and alleged sexual abuse of a toddler. Graphic videos showing a naked toddler shocked with an electric candle prod, and further abuse, led to the arrests of S., and two of his Cambodian workers, named 28-year-old Ret Sothy and 25-year-old Oeu Nat, according to the Cambodia Daily.

Sothy and Nat were also released. The Dutch man’s presumed boyfriend, Nguyen Thanh Dung, 25, was arrested Wednesday night in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He is still in custody.

S. was accused of not reporting the violence to the authorities. He is the director of a firm which owns a cocoa plantation and palm sugar facility in Cambodia.

Authorities in Cambodia made the arrests after the two-year-old’s parents alleged that the child was raped.