New Dutch cop cars to reach 250 km/h

Speedometer. Bluescan / Wikimedia Commons

The Dutch police will soon be equipped with cars that can drive up to 250 kilometers per hour, the Telegraaf reports based on tender documents from the police. With these 80 super fast cars, the police want to "take back control of the highway", according to the newspaper.

What make and model cars these will be is not clear yet.

These fast cars can help in tackling criminals like the so-called , Egbert-Jan van Hasselt of the National Police said to the newspaper. The Audi Gang is known for committing ATM bombings around the border with Germany and then speeding off in their stolen Audis. 

The police also hope that improving the fleet will help make up for the disappearance of the highway police, which will not be an official department anymore from next year, according to RTL Nieuws.