Home invasion victim leaves note to cops written in blood

Crime scene tape
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A 70-year-old man from Rijssen was violently assaulted in a home invasion on Tuesday. Despite serious head wounds and fractured vertebrae, he managed to leave the police a note about the persons who attacked him, written on the wall in his own blood, De Stentor reports.

The victim was only found about 20 hours after the attack. His daughter went to check on him after he did not show up for an appointment and did not answer the phone. He was rushed to the hospital in a serious condition.

According to the newspaper, the police does not consider this a "normal" home invasion. Partly because nothing is missing from the home. A spokesperson said to De Stentor on Thursday that they are also looking among the victim's business relationships for the culprits. The victim's clothing was taken for trace evidence investigation.

The 70-year-old victim is co-founder of an audit firm in Twente. He was bought out in the early 90's and focused on investments in companies and real estate in Eastern Europe, according to the newspaper. He introduced mutual funds and brought them to the stock exchange. He retired about nine years ago.