Missing kickboxer found dead in Oirschot canal

The police officially identified the body found in the Wilhelmina canal in Oirschot on November 24th. It is missing Belgian kickboxer Marc de Bonte. Detectives are still investigating how the 26-year-old man died and ended up in the canal, the police said on Sunday.

De Bonte went missing around midnight on November 5th on his way from Turnhout in Belgium to his girlfriend in Best. His car was found the next day on Wilhelminakanaalstraat in Best. His body was found on Thursday in the Wilehlmina canal on Heikantweg in Oirschot.

The identity of the body could not be confirmed with 100 percent certainty right away, but the clothing strongly suggested that it was De Bonte. His identity was officilally confirmed over the weekend.

An autopsy was done on his body on Saturday though the police can not yet say anything about its results. They are still awaiting the results of the toxicology.