Double biker-gang murder reconstructed in Hooge Zwaluwe

Biesboschhuisje (Photo: Facebook/Vissend Zeeuwsvlaanderen)Biesboschhuisje (Photo: Facebook/Vissend Zeeuwsvlaanderen)

Under very tight security two murders in a cottage in Hooge Zwaluwe in Noord-Brabant were reconstructed on Sunday. The reconstruction took the entire day, with a wide area around the cottage closed down to the public. Access roads were barricaded and guarded by heavily armed police officers, AD reports.

The murders happened during a meeting between Belgian and Dutch criminals in October last year. Two people were killed, including Brian Dalfour - captain of motorcyclge gang No Surrender. So far five Belgians and one Dutchman were arrested in connection with this criime. They were released from custody earlier this month, but were present at the reconstruction. 

The police worried that the reconstruction will give rise to reactions from other members of the motorcycle gang or relatives of the victims. Mayor Gert de Kok therefore implemented an emergency ordinance, which was in place until 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. The text of the emergency decree stattes that there were concerns about No Surrender members wanting to show support or intimidate the Belgian suspects.

But according to the Public Prosecutor, there were no incidents. There were also no concrete indications that something would happen. But a safety assessment is always made when a reconstruction is done in the presence of the suspects, according to the spokesperson.