Dutch daycares must inform parents of unvaccinated kids: MP majority

A majority in parliament thinks that parents have the right to know if their kids are attending daycare with children and babies that haven't been vaccinated. Then parens can decide whether they want to take the risk of infectious disease or move theri child elsewhere, AD reports.

The PvdA, CDA, D66, GroenLinks and PVV all voted in favor of this proposal. They are concerned because fewer people are vaccinating their children.

Most childcare institutions keep track on whether children in their care are vaccinated, but this information is not shared. "That information should be available", PvdA MP Agnes Wolbert said. "Parents should be well informed whether the children of others are vaccinated. Because children are at high risk of an outbreak. Adults have a moral oligatioin towards children at risk."

The PvdA wants a list of which children are vaccinated and which aren't. The CDA thinks that names shouldn't be mentioned. "Sharing information can only be done insofar as it fits within the Data Protection Act", MP Hanke Bruiins Slot said.

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, childcare institutions can't refuse a child because he wasn't vaccinated. The CDA is against it - daycares are private organizations and have the right to refuse service. But a majority in parliament believe that children should always be welcome.


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