Mother, son found dead in Voorburg apartment block

Crime scene tape
Crime scene tapePolitie

Two bodies were found in an apartment building on Klaverweide in Voorburg on Wednesday afternoon. The victims are a 57-year-old man and his 87-year-old mother. The elderly woman was murdered, according to the police in a statement.

The man's body was found on the sidewalk near the entrance of the apartment building. The woans body was found inside the building. A trace evidence investigation revealed that she was murdered. The son's cause of death is still unclear. "The investigation is still ongoing", a police spokesperson said to AD. "The examination of the facts is not yet complete. The potential role of the deceased 57-year-old son is being investigated."

The police closed down the street immediately after the discovery of the bodies and launched a large scale investigation. 

Local residents were shocked by what happened. "Two dead people. Horrible. This is such a quiet neighborhood", 27-year-old Francine, who could not get to her flat after work due to the investigation, said to the newspaper. "No, I really don't know who they are. I hope that they are not acquaintances."