"I flipped out": Step-mother on acquittal in teen's murder

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Jolanda van der Wijden, step-mother of in 1995 raped and murdered Nicole van den Hurk, "flipped out" when the court acquitted Jos de G. of killing the 15-year-old girl on Monday, she said while discussing the court ruling on RTL Late Night on Tuesday.

Jos de G. was found guilty of raping Nicole, but not of killing her. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Nicole's family is massively disappointed by the ruling. "We really expected him to get 14 years. When he got five years. I flipped out. I never expected that I would react like that", Van der Weijden said to RTL. "My reaction earned no beauty prize, but I can not reverse it."

After the court announced the verdict Van der Wijden, who was present in the court room, cynically applauded the judges. "You be proud of yourselves. Go look at your own children tonight", she shouted at the judges before storming out of the room. 

The family feels that the court could have warned themabout the sentence before announcing it to the room at large. "Then I could have chosen to calmly leave the court." Van der Weijden said.