PVV, 50Plus gain popularity in polls

Henk_Krol Sebastiaan ter Burg Wikimedia commons

Both the PVV and 50Plus gained popularity this past week in Maurice de Hond's latest poll. The PVV now stands at 30 virtual seats, putting Geert Wilders' party 4 seats ahead of the VVD. 50Plus now stands at 11 seats, giving the party for the elderly more seats than the PvdA, wich stands at 10.

According to Het Parool, this is the first time since 2013 that 50Plus is doing so well on the polls. 

So far the fight between Lodewijk Asscher and Diederik Samsom for leadership of the PvdA had no affect on the labour party's standings in the polls. The party stil stands at 10 virtual seats. 



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