Hague councilor pressing discrimination charges over "Oh Sylvana" song

DENK Sylvana Simons Kuzu
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The Hague city councilor Fatima Faid is filing a report with the Discrimination Office over a video made to the song "Oh Sylvana" by carnival singer Rob van Daal and posted online. The video, and several others like it, makes fun of and insults DENK politician Sylvana Simons, Omroep Brabant reports.

The song "Oh Sylvana" also strongly seems too be be about the politician, though singer Rob van Daal denies this. 

Faid believes the videos crossed a line, she said to Omroep West. She also believes that Van Daal's song is at least partly responsible for these discriminatory videos. She and several others will file a discrimination report on Monday.