Suspect confesses to police 13 years after murder

Alex Wiegmink, murdered in Posbank on 20 Jan 2003
Alex Wiegmink, murdered in Posbank on 20 Jan 2003Opsporing Verzocht

Suspect Frank S. confessed to the police that he is responsible for the murder of Alex Wiegmink in 2003. He previously confessed his crime to a neighbor, but now gave a full and official confession to the authorities, his lawyer Anette Layendecker confrimed, reports.

The so-called "Posbank-murder" happened on January 20th, 2003. 44-year-old house painter Wiegmink went for a jog in Posbank near Rheden, Gelderland and never returned. His body was found in a burnt out car in a forest near the Brabant village of Erp later that day. Evidence indicated that Wiegmink was shot in Posbank. But the police could find no motive for his murder and therefore also no suspects.

Two weeks ago S. turned himself in after the case was discussed on Opsporing Verzocht. A second suspect, Souris R. of Veghel, was also arrested. He made no confession. 

On Thursday both suspects were remanded into custody for another 90 days. Though they now have a bit more freedom - theya re allowed visitors other than their lawyers and may follow the news.

Lawyer Layendecker called Frank S. an "ideal suspect". "He will fully cooeprate witht he investigation", she said, according to NU. The motive for the murder is still unclear. "It definitely does not have anything to do with drugs", is all the lawyer would say about the matter.