Healthcare employees have heaviest workload

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People working in the healthcare and welfare sector experience an above average workload, according to a study by Statistics Netherlands and TNO. They also feel they have less space to organize their work at their own discretion, reports.

For this study, the researchers asked workers in various sectors about how they perceive their workload last year.

MOre than half of the workers he healthcare and welfare indicated they "often have a lot of work to do". 43 percent indicated that they "often have to work very qucikly" and 35 percent said they "often work extra hard". These percentages are significantly higher than in other sectors. The workers in this sector also have relatively low autonomy - 46 percent can determine how and when they work, compared to 57 percent of all Dutchemployees.

Suzanne Kruizinga, chairman of union CNV Care and Welfare, agrees with the results "We see three main causes. Superfluous rules and unnecessary administration. Through family care the care needs are heavier than if a professional force comes into the picture." The third cuase is that many employees don't have a real impact on their working hours. "These people do shuch beautiful work, but by the heavy workload they are being exploited."