Third investigation launched into police works council's expenses

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A third investigation was launched into the spending habits of the National Police's Central Works Council (CWC). This one focuses on one of the now resigned council's members, ANP reports.

This follows an exploratory investigation into the CWC's expenses that reavealed significant wastefulness. The results also lead Police Chief Erik Akerboom to press charges against CWC chairman Frank Giltay, who resigned immediately after the initial exploratory investigation was announced. The rest of the CWC also resigned, but only after the results of the first investigation were in. 

Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice also announced an independent investigation into former police chief Gerad Bouman's role in these expense irregularities. Bouman decided to step down as police advisor pending the results of the investigation. 

This third investigation will be done by the Department of Safety, Integrity and Complaints. The police will make no further statements on the matter. 


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