Christian party lights 30,000 candles in The Hague against abortion

Volunteers for Christian party SGP packed 30 thousand eletronic candles in the center of The Hague on Tuesdsay night, one each for the 30 thousand abortions per year. The candles burned for one hour, RTL reports.

The candles were placed so that the number 30 000 could be read from the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament.

"Life is so precious. You should not abort it. Even if it is only an embryo of a few centimeters", Christine Visser, one of the volunteers, said to RTL. Marian Ouwehand added that it is too easy to end a life in the Netherlands. "Look at these lights. All of them could have been lives. Every life has a right to protection. Even that of an embryo. With these lights we want to give a voice for each ended life."

The SGP is 100 percent against abortion. "For us, the protection of unborn life is one of the most important political action points", the party says. The party acknowledges that this is a difficult topic to discuss, especially when abortion is done after a rape. "Yet we see solutions other than abortion", MP Roelof Bisschop said. "In intensive guidance and adequate care for these mothers. The lives of these children, however difficult, we want to respect."