Politicians targeted by anti-Ukraine agreement group

GeenPeil, the intiators behind the referendum on the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine in April, launched an campaign against a number of political parties, including the D66, VVD and PvdA. According to GeenPeil, these parties are ignoring the results of the referendum, NU.nl reports.

This follows Prime Minister Mark Rutte's announcement that the government needs more time to figure out what to do about the results of the referendum. In April the majority of voters voted against the association agreement. The turnout for the referendum was 32 percent. Parliament gave the government until November 1st to find a solution.

With its campaign GeenPeil wants to convince people not to vote for the VVD, PvdA, D66 or other parties complicit in ignoring the referendum outcome in the parliamentary elections in March, according to the announcement. "More than half a year after April 6th, we are still watinig for a response to the outcome", GeenPeil said. "It is time for a spring offensive. We are campaigning."