Hague mosque bans controversial preacher

Controversial Moroccan-Dutch imam El Alami Amaouch will not be welcome in his "home" mosque As-Soennah in The Hague after he is deported from Belgium ,the Ttelegraaf reports based on sources from around the mosque.

The Moroccan-Dutch imam is better known by his alias Aalami abu Hamza. He is known to be actie in extremist circles around Verviers, according to the Volkskrnt. In July last year the Belgium State Security revoked his residency permit and decided to send him back to the Netherlands. "He is poison for our Muslim youth", Belgin State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken said to the Volkskrant at the time.

The imam could not immediatey be deported to the Netherlands, because he appealed agains the decision. On Friday the Belgian Council for Immigration Appeals dismissed the appeal, according to the newspaper El Alami Amaouch now has 30 days to leave Belgium voluntarily. If he fails to do so, he will be arrested and brought to the Netherlands under supervision.

As El Ami Amaouch is married to a Dutch woman, he can't simply be denied access to the Netherlands. "We are keeping a close eye on his arrival", a spokesperson for Home Affairs said to the newspaper.