Labour party focuses on fighting racism in election campaign

The PvdA is focusing on fighting discrimination in its campaign for next year's elections. The party wants a harsher approach by considering racism a hate crime with higher penalties and dedicating specialized police officers to address the problem, AD reports.

The party wants to use "naming and shaming" against employers who discriminate against their employees or prospective employees. The party also feels that the police and Public Prosecutor should put more effort into catching and prosecuting racists. 

The PvdA election program is titled "A connected society" and calls for the Netherlands to grow closer together. The party therefore wants to invest in mixed neighborhoods and schools, where kids are taught about prejudice and social skills in a subject called citizenship.

"Discrimination is splitting society. You can see that in the debate about Zwarte Piet, which can't be held normally .We need to tackle it hard", PvdA chairman Hans Spekman said. "The economic crisis is behind us luckiliy, but we lost a lot of certainty. We are also more heated in facing each other."