First Dutch dog cloned for BNN program

. An English Bulldog (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Aobranc)

For the first time ever a Dutch house pet was cloned. The cloning happened in South Korea for a new BNN program, NOS reports.

Cloning is prohibited in the Netherlands, but importing a cloned animal is not illegal. 

"We wondered if there were people in the Netherlands who wanted to clone a dog. Dozens of people responded, and from there we made a selection", editor Joep de Vries said to broadcaster NOS. The dog selected was 12-year-old bulldog Joep from Rotterdam. The owners sent a piece of their dog's tissue to the South Korean comopany Soaam Biotech. The cloning cost the broadaster 50 thousand euros, according to NOS.

Joep died since. But owners Hans and Pup are delighted with successful clone Pipo. "It's not just the physical characteristics that are basically identical", the couple said to the Telegraaf. "Daily we are amazed by the behavior and character that are so similar to our old dog. That is unbelievable."