Amsterdam organizations stand up for diversity

anti gay flyer

A number of Amsterdam organizations decided to actively spread the message that “diversity makes us human”. The organizations call on everyone to discuss the message at work, school, church and anywhere else they are with other people. The message can also be spread on social media using the hashtag #020diversity, the Telegraaf reports.

The organizations involved include COC, the Protestant Church and the Liberal Jewish Church in the city, the Al Kabir Mosque and the Amsterdam Dance Event. A spokesperson for Mayor Eberhard van der Laan told the newspaper that the mayor wholeheartedly supports this initiative.

The reason behind this initiative is a homophobic flyer left in Amsterdam postboxes over the weekend. Among other things, the flyer states that homosexuality is forbidden by Islam, Judaism and Christianity. It is believed that the flyers were spread by followers of controversial Turkish preacher Harun Yahya.