Young "killer clown" arrested in Eindhoven for sedition

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A 15-year-old boy from Eindhoven was arrested on suspicion of sedition through social media. Using the name "Coco the Clown" he called people on Instagram to gather at a shopping center in Woensel, reports.  This led to fights and small riots involving dozens of young people every night since Friday. The police had to intervene several times after young people started throwing eggs and fireworks. The teen was arrested on Tuesday and was still in custody on Wednesday afternoon. There were no problems in the neighborhood on Tuesday. Five people were arrested in addition to "Coco the Clown". They caused disturbances and refused to identify themselves, according to the police. More arrests may follow. The Coco the Clown Instagram account shows a photo of a so-called killer clown. This is an American phenomenon that recently started popping up in the Netherlands. People dressed as scary clowns walk the streets and scare passersby.