Dutch student missing in Seoul

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Student Jasper Buwalda from Groningen is missing. He traveled to Seoul, South Korea as an exchange student and hasn't made contact with friends or family, RTV Noord-Reports.

Buwalda was heading to the Seoul National University, but it is unclear whether he ever arrived. He left the Netherlands for South Korea late in August. The last contact his family had with him was on October 4th. His birthday was on October 15th. But to date no one in the Netherlands heard from the 20-year-old.

His cellphone is broken, so making contact with him was difficult. His family is not certain whether or not he made it to Seoul, according to the broadcaster.

Friends spread Buwalda's information on Reddit in the hope of finding him. The student isn't active on Facebook, but his Spotify is updated every now and then. His friends aren't certain whether this is him. According to them, Buwalda is very active on social media. His friends find his absence from Facebook very suspicious.

The University of Groningen confirmed that the boy is missing. "We are aware and made contact with his parents and various organizations", a spokesperson said to RTV Noord. "We are trying to find out where he is and hope he is found soon."