Investigators find €2 million hidden in Suriname-bound ambulance

A 44-year-old man from Almere was arrested by the Tax Authorities' investigative department FIOD after an amount of 2 million euros was discovered in an ambulance he wanted to ship to Suriname, Metro reports. He is suspected of money laundering. 

According to the newspaper, the man wanted to ship the ambulance and a new Jaguar from Vlissingen to Suriname. But a Customs sniffer dog found the money in time.

The money, all 500 euro notes, was hidden in two plastic bags in the ambulance's roof. The money, ambulance and Jaguar were all confiscated. The authorities also searched the suspect's home and storage unit.

The car company that arranged the transportation of the ambulance and Jaguar is also under investigation. The company offers expensive cars for sale on its website, but does not report any revenue to the Tax Authorities. The authorities suspect the company launders criminal money by exporting expensive cars and money to Suriname.