Video: Daredevils break in, climb to top of Amsterdam Arena

"Rat catching" event arranged for Zaandam neighborhood Poelenbur (Photo: Screenshot/Facebook). ("Rat catching" event arranged for Zaandam neighborhood Poelenbur (Photo: Screenshot/Facebook))

A video was posted on YouTube showing a group of daredevils climbing the Amsterdam Arena. The video is 2 minutes long and shows the men clambering up the stadium without ropes or ties.

"We always wanted to climb such a large and colossal building", one of them said to local broadcaster AT5. "It was not the easiest of buildings. SOme bits were really scary, we had to cross a narrow beam and had nothing to hold on to."

It took them two months to make it to the top. "We did a lot of scouting and made it halfway several times. It was a very powerful moment when we reached the top."

The group emphasizes that they are professional free-runners and this is not something to try without a lot of experience. "We've climbed just about every building in Amsterdam, including several cranes on the Zuidas, the Zuiderkerk and the former Shell Tower."