Pregnant woman’s car pelted with fireworks on A32

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A 24-year-old motorist from Leeuwarden and his pregnant girlfriend were badly shaken up when  firework was thrown through their car's windshield on the A32 highway during the early morning hours of Sunday. Both were uninjured. The perpetrator is still on the loose, the police said.

The man and his girlfriend were driving on the highway near Friese Grou at around 00:30 a.m. on Sunday when an unknown driver flashed his lights from behind them. The Leeuwarden man flashed his lights back as the car passed him, to show how irritating it is.

The other car suddenly hit the brakes in front of the Leeuwarden man, who also hit the brakes to avoid a collision. Shortly afterwards, the two in the back car noticed a glowing object flying their way.

The object turned out to be a firework. It landed on the bonnet and exploded, breaking through the car's windshield.

The police launched an investigation and is calling on witnesses to come forward.