Dutch life expectancy increasing

The life expectancy for the average Dutch is increasing, according to actuarial society AG. The life expectancy of a girl born in 2016 is no 93 years, and that of a boy is 90.1 years. In 2014 it was 92.5 years for a girl born that year and the same 90.1 years for a boy, the Telegraaf reports.

These mortality expectation figures from the group of actuaries are often used by insurance companies and pension funds. Insurance companies take it into account when determining premiums for life insurance for example. Pension funds use the figures to determine the amount of money they need to reserve for pension payments.

According to the figures, people who work in business services have a longer life expectancy than people who work in the hospitality industry. The figures also show that the value of 1 euro of pension savings for a 45-year-old man in the business services sector is about 25 percent that of a man of the same age earning a low income in the hospitality industry.

The remaining life expectancy for a 45-year-old man working in the hospitality industry for a relatively low income is currently about 3 years under the remaining life expectancy of the average Dutch man of the same age.