Parliament exodus continues: Labour MP announces resignation

Roos Vermeij (Photo: Lex Draijer/Wikimedia Commons). (Roos Vermeij (Photo: Lex Draijer/Wikimedia Commons))

PvdA parliamentarian Roos Vermeij will not be returning to the Tweede Kamer - the lower house of Dutch parliament - after the elections in March 2017. After 11 years as a MP, she told her party, it is time for something new, NOS reports.

Vermeij was in charge of the PvdA factions portfolios on the labor market, retirement and pensions. For two and a half years she was secretary for the faction management and is considered one of party leader Diederik Samsom's confidants, according to the broadcaster.

The PvdA parliamentarian's name was also mentioned as successor for Sharon Dijksma as State Secretary of Economic Affairs after Dijksma was moved to Infrastructure and Environment to replace resigned Wilma Mansveld. The job ultimately went to Martijn van Rijn.

Vermeij informed PvdA chairman Hans Spekman and Samsom of her intention to leave politics in June already. Her plans for after the election are unknown.