Rescue brigade: Swimming in forbidden Amsterdam areas very dangerous

Swimming lesson (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Tommy Wong)Swimming lesson (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Tommy Wong)

The Rescue Brigade is warning Amsterdam residents to only swim in allocated swimming locations in the city. During the hot weather last week, many people swam in prohibited waters, such as large parts of the Amstel river, and this can be very dangerous, the lifeguards said to AT5.

According to the Rescue Brigade, the dangers of Amsterdam waters are significantly underestimated. "The great danger here is that there is a lot of shipping traffic, and pleasure yachts", Walter Weg of the Rescue Brigade said to the broadcaster. "There is a good chance that you'll be hit. You don't want a boat hitting you on the head, and definitely not end up in the propeller. That's just horrible."

The Rescue Brigade acknowledges that swimmers can see the boats coming. But boats are often faster than expected. "The estimation of a boat's speed on the water is difficult. Keep an eye oun yourself and others. Accidents will happen."