Hague municipality asks for fewer Pokemon in Kijkduin nature reserve

The municipality of The Hague asked Niantic, the maker of smartphone game Pokemon Go, to have fewer Pokemon appear in nature area Kijkduin. If the municipality has its way, there will no longer be any of these creatures in the area, but fewer is a start, a spokesperson for the municipality confirmed to NU.nl.

"We want the animals to no longer appear in the nature area", the spokesperson said. "Especially in the evening we want to keep them out of the location." Niantic hasn't responded to the request yet.

In the mean time the municipality introduced several measures against the crowds, including fences and additional bins.

The game maker offers the opportunity to have Pokestops or Gyms removed from the game. These are fixed locations, usually a local landmarks or public artworks, where players can go and train or collect Pokeballs. It is unclear whether Niantic will be willing to erase the appearance locations of the Pokemon themselves.