Overnight temperatures drop to 0 in Twente

The mercury in Twente dropped to a very cold 0 degrees during the early hours of Thursday morning. This is the first time ever temperatures dropped so lo in the Netherlands during this time of the year, according to weather service Weeronline. 

In the period between July 20th to August 21st, there's never been frost on Dutch soil. This past night, that very nearly changed. On August 22nd, 1973, however, there was frost in Twente Soesterber, and Valkenburg.

Thursday will stay cold and cloudy. The maximum will be around 16 degrees. The eastern parts of the country may not see temperatures above 14 degrees today.

The rest of the week and weekend will also be mostly cloudy and cool, with maximum temperatures around 20 degrees, according to meteorological institute KNMI.