Groningen calls on further gas cuts to prevent earthquakes

The province of Groningen, municipalities affected by fracking earthquakes, water boards and the local safety office are all calling on the Dutch government to reduce gas extraction in the province even further to prevent more earthquakes.

The involved parties feel that Economic Minister Henk Kamp's recent decision to cap gas extraction in the province to 24 billion cubic meters per ear for the next five year, is not going far enough, GIC reports.

The Groningers submitted their opinion on the matter stating that there is still to many unknowns and that too little attention is paid to safety, prevention of damage psychological effects the earthquakes have on residents and their impact on the economy and quality of life.

They also want the directorship for the province to be more in the hands of the National Coordinator for Groningen. According to them, NAM and CVW still have too many fingers in the pie when it comes to new construction, earthquake proofing buildings and resolving damage clams.

The Groningers had until  August 11th to submit this opinion. Minister Kamp has to take it into account when making a final decision on gas extraction in the province. This decision is expected on October 1st.