Mayor: No Syrians allowed as neighbors of Dutch Tunisia attack victims

Authorities at the scene of the massacre on a Tunisian beach on Friday (Picture: Twitter/@TheAnonMessages). (Authorities at the scene of the massacre on a Tunisian beach on Friday (Picture: Twitter/@TheAnonMessages))

A couple who survived a terrorist attack on a Tunisian beach last year, will not get four Syrian refugees as neighbors to their home on Sternlaan in Vlijmen, Mayor Jan Hamming decided after speaking to the couple, Omroep Brabant reports.

The couple are still struggling with trauma after the attack - 39 people, mostly tourists, were gunned down and killed as the Dutch couple ran for their lives.

When they found out that their neighbors would be four Syrian men, they reached to the mayor. They realize that the attack and the refugees have nothing to do with each other, but don't think they can handle it.

After speaking to the young couple, Hamming agreed that this wasn't a good idea. "These people aren't doing well. These are such special circumstances, we must keep them in mind", the mayor said. During the talk it was clear that the two are still struggling with processing the trauma. "For their story and special situation, you can only have respect. We will also organize help for them and hope that we can contribute to them doing better."

The young couple doesn't have anything against Syrian refugees and hopes that they can find a home somewhere in their town. They even hope to meet them. "They've been through the same thing as us and maybe we can help each other", they told the mayor.

The mayor is looking for another property in the town that can house the four young Syrians.