Long lines to stay as extra security at Schiphol remains

Royal Military Police at Schiphol Airport (Picture: Facebook/Koninklijke Marechaussee)Royal Military Police at Schiphol Airport (Picture: Facebook/Koninklijke Marechaussee)

Extra security measures at Schiphol Airport will remain in place for a while longer. That means that so will the long lines and long waiting times. Currently passengers show understanding for the extra security, but that will not be the case for very long, security expert Marco Zannoni said to RTL Nieuws. 

"You notice that there is a need for information and that people have a lot of questions", Zannoni said. While it may be that the Dutch authorities is keeping information back to not reveal their source to terrorists, "they can say that it is a general threat or that the information comes from a foreign intelligence service. You can always say something", he said. According to him, the extra inconvenience caused by the extra security will soon have travelers wondering whether it is necessary.

On Monday it was announced that the extra security will remain in place for a while longer, though no information was given on whether it would be days or weeks or even months. The authorities also did not give any extra information on why the measures were taken. And it is this lack of information that will cause annoyance in travelers, according to Zannoni.