Six arrested for series of Noord-Holland muggings

Arrest (Stock Photo: Politie). (Arrest (Stock Photo: Politie))

The police arrested six young men in an investigation into a series of muggings in the Noord-Holland cities of Bussum and Hilversum. They are suspected of involvement in five muggings and one attempted mugging in Bussum and one mugging in Hilversum, the police said on their website.

Early in February three people fell victim to muggings in Bussum and one person narrowly escaped being mugged. The incidents happened on Veerplein and Burgemeester St. Jacobslaan. The perpetrators stole jackets, a bag and a wallet. And at the end of February a man was mugged of his cellphone and gloves. Early in May two people were robbed of a laptop and a cellphone. This time on Luitgardeweg in Hilversum and on the Bussum-Zuid station platform.

In all seven cases the perpetrators were a group of young people who approached their victim by asking for a cigarette or something similar. The victim is then threatened or even attacked before being robbed of their belongings.

During the investigation into these muggings the police caught the trial of six young men between the ages of 15 and 19 years. They are from Weeslp, Almere and Naarden. At their arrest, the police seized their cellphones. One of the suspects was in possession of the phone stolen from the victim on the Bussum-Zuid station.

Five of the suspects were arraigned and released to await their trials in freedom. The sixth is still in custody.