Sixty people diagnosed with Zika virus in Netherlands

Since the start of this year, a total of 60 people were diagnosed with the Zika virus in the Netherlands, according to figures from national health institute RIVM. Of them "a small number" are pregnant women, ANP reports.

A spokesperson for the RIVM could not tell ANP how the Zika virus patients are doing now. The institute believes that the actual number of infected people is higher, given that only one in five actually develop symptoms after an infection.

The Zika virus is most commonly spread through mosquito bite, though there were a few cases of sexual transmission. It is unlikely that the Zika virus will spread in the Netherlands as the mosquitoes that spread the virus do not naturally occur in our country.

The Zika virus is most dangerous to pregnant women as it can cause brain abnormalities in unborn children. Most other people who are infected recover within a week with no permanent damage.

The RIVM advises pregnant women not to visit areas where the virus prevails. Men who visited such an area should practice safe sex with their pregnant wives for at least two months after returning. The RIVM also advises postponing becoming pregnant for at least a month after returning from a Zika-area.