Human jaw found in Amsterdam park

A family found a human jaw with two molars in the Bilderijkpark in Amsterdam over the weekend. They informed a passing community officer about the jaw about two hours after they discovered it, the police officer writes on Facebook.

The family told her that they were going to call after their son's birthday party, but decided to call her over when they saw her walking past.

The officer investigated and found a piece of jaw of about 6 centimeters that contained two molars. They seem to be human.

According to the community officer, it is likely that the jaw came from the cemetery that was located in the park until 1912. A technical investigation was launched to make sure the jaw is not any younger. The investigation revealed that the jaw appears to be very old and likely spent a long time underground.

The community officer asked the party goers to immediately call the police if they ever find something that looks like human remains again.