Dutch RoboValley gets €500,000 investment

Robot Asimo (Photo: Romram/Wikimedia Commons). (Robot Asimo (Photo: Romram/Wikimedia Commons))

Accenture decided to invest 500 thousand euros into the Netherlands' RoboValley, a Delft based "innovation hub" focused on robotics, the two parties announced in a press statement on Monday, NU.nl reports.

The investment will be used, among other things, to facilitate international research into robotics. RoboValley will also assist in Accenture's artificial intelligence activities. Accenture is RoboValley's most prominent partner. The two want to figure out how to best implement robots within large organziations.

RoboValley's main objective is creating robots that will make life easier. It consists of 21 startups and employs about 170 scientists.