Dutch government also to compensate death-by-negligence

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From today relatives of victims killed in a death-by-negligence crime are also eligible for compensation from the government, NOS reports.

This means that, for example, a woman who lost her husband after he was hit by a drunk driver, can now also claim compensation from the Violent Crimes Compensation Fund. Previously the fund only compensated relatives and victims of violent crimes.

The fund pays a maximum of 5 thousand euros in compensation to the victim's direct relative - a spouse, parent, child or sibling. The money is intended to help alleviate some of the emotional suffering. Financial loss, such as medical fees, will also be reimbursed.

People who lost a relative in a death-by-negligence crime before July 1st of this year, can also claim from the fund. You can submit a claim up to 10 years after the event.