Report: 74 Dutch names on ISIS "death list"

The name of 74 Dutch people are on a "death list" currently circling the internet, according to the Telegraaf. The list was published under the name United Cyber Caliphate, a hacker group claiming to be affiliated with terrorist organization ISIS.

According to the newspaper, Rita Katz revealed the existence of this list earlier this week. She is a terrorism analyst and co founder of Site Intelligence, an influential American organization that monitors online jihadist messages. This list calls for the death of 4,681 people with the words: "O wolves ISIS #kill them immediately".

The Netherlands' National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism and Security (NCTV) knows about the list and is informing all Dutch named as far as is possible. The agency stresses that the "death list" is only an attempt to intimidate and arouse fear.  The Dutch people on the list are mostly IT specialists and people working at technical organizations - no one even connected to counterterrorism or intelligence services. The NCTV believes the names were likely taken from an open directory of an IT related website.

According to the NCTV, this list is nothing new, but dates from 2001."It has been established that it is a literal reproduction of an outdated list simply findable on the open internet", spokesperson Edmond Messchaert said to the newspaper. "Republishing open data from the internet in this way serves the purpose of spreading fear among civilians."

The NCTV therefore believes that the Dutch people on the list are in no actual danger. "In the past, more of these types of lists of names were published in the name of ISIS, but to my knowledge it never resulted in action against individuals on these lists. The named persons are not among the specific targets of attacks mentioned by jihadists. There is no reason to assume that the named individuals will actually be targeted by terrorists."