Tennis star Haase hopes that coach did not kill businessman

Robin Haase (Photo: si.robi/Wikimedia Commons)Robin Haase (Photo: si.robi/Wikimedia Commons)

"Of course I hope that Mark did not do it", Dutch tennis player Robin Haase said to the Volkskrant in his first interview about the death of his friend Koen Everink and the fact that his coach Mark de J. is a prime suspect in his murder.

Everink was found stabbed to death in his home in early March. A day later Hasse and coach Mark de J. left for a tournament in the United States. De J. was arrested on Schiphol airport as he returned from the tournament. "I thought: wow, Mark got arrested. This is intense", Haase said to the newspaper.

The tennis player does not want to say whether he thinks De J. is guilty. "We know nothing. He is the prime suspect. Not illogical, because Mark was the last one with Koen in the house. That was never a secret. Mark called me to tell me about it. He said: shit, I visited Koen yesterday still.", he said to the newspaper. Of course I hope that Mark did not do it. I think that only Koen's family hopes he did. Because then the perpetrator is arrested. All others hope that he is innocent. They know him as a man with whom this absolutely does not fit.

Haase added that he never noticed anything going on between Mark de J. and Everink. He didn't know that his coach was in dept or owed the business man money. 

The police questioned the tennis player himself four times, he told the Volkskrant. "I asked the police to leave me alone for now. In the interest of the investigation, I am obviously available, but it does not make it easier to focus on tennis.