Decision on Groningen gas extraction expected Friday

Henk Kamp (Photo: Commons)Henk Kamp (Photo: Commons)

The government will likely make a decision on the future of gas extraction in Groningen by Friday, Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs said after a meeting in Groningen with local government and social organizations on Tuesday, GIC reports.

According to the Minister, the meeting went well and much good has been done in the area where gas extraction is causing fracking earthquakes.

Among other things, Kamp referred to the work done by Hans Alders as the National Coordinator for Groningen. Alders is working towards strengthening homes and public buildings like monuments and schools against earthquakes and helping people who cannot sell their homes because they are in an earthquake zone and giving aid in earthquake damage claims.

In the meeting Kamp explained advice he received regarding gas extraction in the province and outlined the contours of his intended decision.

Earlier on Tuesday the Telegraaf reported that the State Supervision of Mines recommends reducing gas extraction in Groningen to 24 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. Kamp declined to comment on this.

The meeting at the Groningen provincial house was held over the sounds of a noise protest happening outside. Over a hundred local residents gathered to protest against further gas extraction.