"Bad weather fund" to save outdoor festivals from storms

A rainy festival (Photo: velkr0/Wikimedia Commons)A rainy festival (Photo: velkr0/Wikimedia Commons)

The Ministry of Culture launched a new fund to help out outdoor festivals and events if they are hit by bad weather, the Ministry announced on Monday. Minister Jet Bussemaker put 500 thousand euros into this fund, from which festivals can get a subsidy if they end up in financial trouble due to unforeseen bad weather.

Storms, rain and hail often result in empty chairs at festivals and extra measures need to be taken to keep performances safe, according to the Ministry. This can result in a financial setback for organizations.

Now festivals can call on a subsidy if they end up in financial trouble. The subsidy can help them get back on their feet, and they can pay the money back when they are sufficiently recovered. Bussemaker wants the fund to prevent the continuation of a festival being jeopardized.


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