German tourists spend €5 billion in Netherlands

Volendam tourist town (Photo: Gisling / Wikimedia Commons). (Volendam tourist town (Photo: Gisling / Wikimedia Commons))

German vacationers, day trippers and business travelers spent 4.9 billion euros in the Netherlands last year, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. German visitors accounted for nearly half of the 10.2 billion euros foreign visitors spent in the country in 2015.

Vacationers spent about 1.7 billion euros in the Netherlands last year. About 4 million German tourists holiday in the Netherlands every year.

Belgian visitors come in a distant second place when it comes to spending in the Netherlands - 1.4 billion euros in 2015. The United Kingdom came in third, followed by the united States, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, China and Switzerland.

Conversely, Germany is also the country in which Dutch travelers spend the most money - 3.4 billion euros last year. France and Belgium come next where Dutch spent about 1.5 billion euros each.

According to Statistics Netherlands, Dutch people spend much more on holiday than foreign tourists do in the Netherlands. The Dutch spent 16 billion euros across the border last year, compared to 10.2 billion euros foreign travelers spent in the Netherlands.