CDA politician jailed in Pinkpop festival theft

File photo showing a police arrest. (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Lionel Allorge)

Mark Meijer, CDA councilor in Kerkrade, spent a night in jail this weekend because he stole some alcohol and pillows during the Pinkpop festival in Landgraaf over this weekend, the Telegraaf reports based on information from those involved.

Whether the young politician actually stole something or whether this is just a dispute that got out of hand, remains the question. Meijer himself seems to have dropped off the earth after his arrest on Sunday and is not available for comment, according to the newspaper.

Other parties are also being stingy with their information. "I know all about it, but it's not for me to say anything about this", Pinkpop boss Jan Smeets said to the Telegraaf. The Public Prosecutor stated that "the investigation is completed in this matter. Now we will see if it goes to prosecution." The Kerkrade CDA faction spoke to Meijer about what happened, but will not comment.

The Kerkrade municipal council is demanding clarity. "We want to know what happened here", SP faction leader Marianne Laumann said, according to the newspaper. According to Mieke van Soest of GroenLinks, this is "obviously not good" for local politics. "This incident will have a response in the forthcoming municipal elections. I don't want to immediately condemn Mark, but where there's smoke, there's usually also a fire." she said.