Dutch PM: Ukraine referendum results "disastrous"

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The results of the Dutch referendum on the association agreement between the Ukraine and the European referendum are "disastrous", Prime Minister Mark Rutte said in the Ridderzaal to a room full of parliamentarians from the EU member states on Monday, ANP reports. Rutte added that he is "totally, totally, totally against referendums on multilateral agreements", especially if it regards agreements between several countries. According to the Dutch Prime Minister, it "makes no sense" for a country to try and impose its will on the entire EU in this way. And the Netherlands owes this referendum to the "social democrats" in his "beloved coalition partner" PvdA. The decision on whether or not the Netherlands will ratify its signature on the treaty has not been made yet, Rutte said. The Dutch government plans to discuss the results of the referendum with the EU leaders later this month. The Dutch Prime Minister also spoke about the referendum in Britain later this month on whether or not the country will remain part of the EU. He expressed a fervent hope that the Brits will vote against a Brexit, because leaving the EU will increase instability in the world and will be very bad for the economy. "It is really important that the Brits decide to stay on June 23rd", Rutte said, according to BNR. "In the interest of Great Britain, Europe and the Netherlands. In the first place it is geopolitically crucial. Great Britain is a permanent member of the Security Council. We see great instability in the world, if one of the largest economies in the world should leave Europe, it would lead to popping champagne corks in many capitals outside Europe. I do not want that." Secondly, a Brexit would be bad for the economy. "England is a free market economy and facing out, like the Netherlands. We are both maritime nations, accustomed to trade and work with open borders. It is important that a country with such a setting stays."