Air France-KLM boss: No KLM flights will be given to Air France

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There was never a plan to in an effort to restore balance between the two sister companies, CEO Alexandre de Juniac said to the Financieele Dagblad.

According to the departing CEO, "there has never been and will never be" such a plan. Striking that some Amsterdam flights are moved to Paris so that capacity growth in the airline cooperation is more balanced. "We have no intentions to take measures for Air France at the expense of KLM. Never", De Juniac sad. "We want both companies to grow and benefit from each other. It is important that the Dutch public and KLM employees know that we will not harm KLM."

De Juniac added that his successor, Jean-Marc Janaillac, will definitely not support fiddling with the production balance. "He never said anything like that. I know, because since he was appointed my successor, we are in constant contact." The departing CEO once again emphasized that the Air France "KLM will not feel a cent of pain from this", he said.

The Air France pilots are currently on strike in protest against new cost cuts at the French airline and what the pilots feel is an disproportionate distribution in capacity growth. The strike started on Saturday and will last until tomorrow.

On Monday some 27 percent of pilots are not working, which could mean unexpected flight cancellations and delays. Travelers are advised to check flight statuses online before departing for the airport.