Schiedam protest arranged after death by cop

Mitchel Winters (Photo: Mitchel Winters/Facebook). (Mitchel Winters (Photo: Mitchel Winters/Facebook))

A group of people will be marching through Schiedam on Friday evening to protest against police brutality and demand justice for Mitchel Winters, who was killed by a police bullet in Prinses Beatrixpark in Schiedam on Monday.

According to the event page on Facebook, Mitchel Winters' death is another case of "police brutality" as in Mitch Henriquez's death in The Hague last year. "All facts indicate that the death of Mitchel is the result of racial (read: racist) profiling by the police", the organizers write. "The police are responsible for this murder. The fact remains it was a cop who fired six shots."

Winters was killed by a police bullet on Monday night. The police officers were responding to a report of an armed robbery. It later turned out that Winters was not armed. On Wednesday the Public Prosecutor revealed that it was Winters who reported the robbery. According to the Prosecutor, he gave a description of the perpetrator that matched his appearance and investigators are seriously considering that he deliberately sought confrontation with the police - so-called suicide by cop.

"We demand the truth. As citizens of this society we demand an answer, because we do not want any more victims. We demand fair and equal treatment of non-white people in the Netherlands. We demand that the police stop taking non-white lies", the organizers write on Facebook. Walk with us for justice, for truth and against police violence."

The march will start at 7:00 p.m. on Friday on Stationplein at Schiedam Central Station. Protestors will mach to Prinses Beatrixpark, where they will lay flowers where Winters died, and then continue to the Bijdorpplein 1 police station.