Body found in Rotterdam park; linked to earlier suicide

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A body wrapped in a carpet was found in a park on Gordelweg in Rotterdam on Thursday afternoon. The police believe the victims was murdered and that the murder is connected to a suicide at a Rotterdam train station on Thursday morning.

The victim is a woman. Her identity has not been disclosed, but the police know who she is.

A 29-year-old man killed himself by jumping in front of a train at the Noord train station in Rotterdam on Thursday morning. After identifying the man, officers went to his home on Gordelweg, where they found indications of a violent crime.

At about the same time, the body was found in a park on the same street. Nothing about cause of death was revealed so far. An extensive investigation was launched in the home and park on Gordelweg. The police will release more information once the victim's identity is officially determined and her family is informed.

Local residents told regional broadcaster RTV Rijnmond that the man in question struggled for psychological problems for some time. He was institutionalized once after he tried to set his house on fire, one resident said. "A few months ago he opened the gas valve. We then smelled a lot of gas in the air", the resident said. "It then turned out that he also poured gasoline on mattresses. Luckily he did not light it."


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