ATM error: Free cash handed out must be returned

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A number of people in Bemmel could not believe their luck when the ATM in the Jumbo supermarket started giving out 50 euro notes instead of 20 euro notes. But that luck has run out. Everyone who got too much money from the ATM has to pay it back in two weeks, or Jumbo will press charges, RTL Nieuws reports.

The error was caused by a Jumbo employee, who accidentally put 50 euro notes in the cartridges for 20 euro notes last week Friday. This means that customers who went to withdraw 20 euros, got 50 euros instead.

The mistake was noticed within an hour, but a large number of people withdrew money in that time.

The police is now giving those people two weeks to rectify the mistake. Anyone who got too much money, can report it to the supermarket manager and give back the extra cash. According to the police, a number of people already did so.

Those who don't bring back the money before the deadline will be identified from surveillance camera footage. Jumbo will press charges of theft and/or embezzlement against them.