Court: Cities not allowed to simply cut domestic aid

Cleaning products (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Thekohser)Cleaning products (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Thekohser)

Municipalities are not allowed to cut back on residents' domestic aid without clear justification, the Central Appeals Tribunal, the highest administrative court in the Netherlands, ruled on Wednesday, ANP reports.

According to the Court, domestic aid falls under the Social Support Act and is therefore the municipalities' responsibility. That means that they are required to step in and provide the necessary assistance if residents are unable to clean their own homes.

Elderly organization ANBO is pleased with the ruling. "Municipalities can no longer hide. However, we think it a shame for the affected seniors that it had to come down to a judge. Politicians should have prevented this", Liane den Haan of ANBO said to ANP.

Ieder(in), the umbrella organization for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, think it is time for the municipalities to step up. "They need to offer help if needed. And people who unjustly received little or no domestic help, should get it. W'ere going to ask the State Secretary to ensure that the municipalities do this urgently." Illya Soffer said to the news agency.