New Dutch phishing scam targeting foreigners, warns IND

cyber crime, online fruadPicture: Twitter/@ralmart01

Fraudsters targeted dozens of immigrants in the past two months. They contacted the immigrants by telephone and tried to get hold of money and personal details by pretending to be calling from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND), the Volkskrant reports.

The IND and police received 24 reports of this happening since March 7th. They believe that the actual number may be higher and that not all victims reported what happened. They are investigating the fraud.

According to the newspaper, the fraudsters sometimes use a 070 number that appears to belong to the Ministry of Security and Justice. They also sometimes have information about their target's passport numbers. The IND firmly denies that they were hacked or have a leak, because the data the criminals use is "not specific and often inaccurate".

The fraudsters tell the immigrants that there is a problem with their residence permit and that they have to pay money or leave the country. In some cases they're only told to leave the country. One migrant from India told the newspaper that he was referred to an "IND expat site" where he had to enter his data.